Origami Owl®

Origami Owl Living Lockets® are glass front lockets that you customize with charms to tell your story, and represent the things you love most in life. You can create a unique jewelry peice for yourself, or as a gift to show a friend how unique and special they are.  

When I first discovered Origami Owl Living Lockets®, I wanted to create one for pretty much every woman I know!  I love to give gifts, especially thoughtful ones that make people feel special. I fell in love with this product for just that reason. Instead of just building lockets for the people I know, I decided to help and inspire others to build their own Living Lockets®! My name is Natalie Winnett, and I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl®. I am a 30 something business woman with a family that I treasure, and a passion for showing people they are priceless and loved.  I start way too many projects to ever keep up with, love to read and drink coffee, play piano and sing, and am constantly trying to reorganize my house! And I love to help others.

Create a Living Locket®, Host a Jewelry Bar® or Join Origami Owl® and become an Independent Designer TODAY.... you decide what works best for you! I love sharing the dream with people and traveling their journey with them.  I want to inspire people to believe that they can do anything. What is your story? Whether you want to purchase Origami Owl® Jewelry, have a girls night Jewelry Bar®, or start your own adventure, I want to hear all about it and help you turn your dreams into a reality!