Tuesday, March 17, 2015

That may not be the correct use of a hash tag, but I'm pretty sure #wristgame sounds super cool and will make you want to order one of these awesome Lava Bead Bracelets... If you know me, then you most likely know I'm obsessed with Essential Oils.  OBSESSED.  Because they are awesome.  Seriously.AWESOME.If you've been to my house, you may have been "coerced" into trying them, or taking home a sample or ten so you can discover the amazingness of essential oils for yourself. I won't go on and on about that on this post.  Instead I will share with you something fantastic that I recently learned.....Lava beads act as natural essential oil diffusers!!!If you put a drop ...

doTERRA Time!
Thursday, September 25, 2014

A few of you have been asking about the best doTERRA enrollment kit to get and how to get started.  The enrollment kits are changing on October 1st,But if you want the free roller of Immortelle (which is $92.67 retail) you need to enroll with a 200PV before the end of this month (September).Here are a couple of ways you can do that...First of all, go to the upper right hand corner click on "join."Be sure to join as a "wellness advocate."On the next page you can scroll down to Step 7 to view the different Enrollment Kits.  They all include the free enrollment which means you get a 25% discount on all products for the year and you ...

Monday, June 09, 2014

Origami Owl has come out with 3 new lines of jewelry since the spring catalog....CELEBRATING THE WOMEN WE LOVEGRADUATIONBIENVENIDOSThey are all fantastic, and I'm sure you will want to check them out, but as the mother of 2 little girls there is only one topic that seems relevant to my life these days... Princesses. Anna, Elsa, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel, etc. etc etc.In my house (and in my car) we listen to princess music every day. And apparently my girls both have hearing issues because they "can't even hear it" unless it's turned up so loud that everybody within a half mile radius can hear it as well. Also, I'm not allowed to sing along. ...

Mother's Day
Friday, April 18, 2014

Mother's Day is almost here!! Well, it's less than a month away and for me that means I'd better stock up on birthstones.  They are a favorite to put in Mother's Day lockets!  We carry both round and heart shaped birthstones, and paired with the new "Family Tree" plate, the heart shaped "Mom" plate or even the "Grandma" or "Blessed" plate, it's a wonderful way to celebrate a mother's love!As you can see in the photo above, we now have gorgeous earrings to match!  There are quite a few different earrings to chose from, and not only are they beautiful - they are hypoallergenic as well. They are one of the few earrings I can wear without a terrible reaction!But enough about me. ...

New Spring Jewelry
Sunday, March 23, 2014

The new Origami Owl® Spring jewelry line is here and there are so many cute new charms!!I might have to go on a hot air ballon ride just to get this one...But hot air ballon ride or not, I'm definitely getting the new Living Locket® with the changeable faceplate!! How cute are these...And yes, that is a flower window plate inside the white one... it's my favorite window plate so far. Here is a close up...And one last Living Locket full of beautiful new charms... So go check out the entire new line of charms and lockets and order yours today at www.natty.origamiowl.comIf you place an order before the end of March, I will send you a special charm.... for free!Just message me ...